Clearing the Astral body

the mechanics of our emotional experience

The physical body has an etheric template which, when charged with emotional energy (generated by the self, or affected by other people) emits an extremely low amount of light around the body. But the bulk of emotional energy flows through either habitual ways of emotional expression, or through relationship channels that have been developed over time (personal contact, and chakra cords). All this – the habituated emotional flows of normal consciousness, plus our developed emotional body – results in a subtle light, hardly perceptible to the physical eye, but which can be seen by the inner eye of a sensitive individual. This is the aura: a generalized experience of low light, but which can also be accessed emotionally.

While emphasis is usually put on the low levels of light emission when talking about the aura it is through our emotional development that auric phenomena becomes truly useful. Our emotional body is the Astral body: the individuating aspect of our feeling world, and it reflects the degrees to which each energy consciousness center (chakras) are active and functional.

For instance, if the second chakra is undeveloped, or dysfunctional, the auric field cannot generate the necessary energies for healthy attachment to other people, and be able to accurately assess energy flows to, and from, those people. There may be relational difficulties in attaching to others, or to be able to sustain a healthy and growing relationship over time. In effect, the individual can be significantly impacted by an undeveloped second chakra, and the use of chakra cords to make contact with others, and to process the impact of the other upon the self. Each of the main chakras will present its own challenges in learning how to be a functional adult, while any dysfunction in that chakra center will also be reflected in the emotional, or Astral, body.

When a helper works only with the physical body of the client, or includes the emotional development of that individual in their healing support of another, a lot of repair work can be done on the emotional body of the client, or patient. Physical body changes lead to emotional body changes, and vice versa. But by adding in energy healing support, the client will then be impacted by etheric template changes, and that which powers the physical experience: the astral charge and flow that runs around, or along, etheric structures. When done well, clearing or charging astral or subtle emotional energy pathways will trigger natural and organic growth within the emotional body of the individual being treated, and allow them to greater access their natural growth cycles.

Additionally, clearing or further developing astral pathways in the emotional system can help purge it of past shocks and trauma, as well as point the way towards connecting into both inner and outer resources.

In other words, astral healing is emotional body healing work, but done at the functional level of the emotional energy body. It is not done at the expressive level working with the emotional energy body, while strong feelings are being experienced, or worked through, in any given moment. Astral healing dives beneath the feelings of the moment, and taps into the working function of the emotional flows and circulations in the client’s emotional body: either within their own body, or flowing back and forth along a relational chakra cord towards a significant person in the client’s life.

Astral means “emotional energy that is either habitual (reactive) or developed (responsive) within a functional chakra consciousness system (along with its associated endocrine glands, and nervous system correlates). Astral energy is emotional energy that is either on automatic (reactive) or has undergone training or remedial work that allows a more balanced and adult interaction with the outer world (responsive).

When I write about the astral body, or astral healing, I am referring to this particular model of the emotional body. It is a map of the individual where habitual or past-generated emotional development may be hindering future growth and potential of the client’s emotional development, and it offers remedial energy work at the functional level of the emotional body: the chakras and the chakra relational cord system. General healing resources further emotional body development during the personal processing of an important relationship, or through undergoing psychotherapy, or exploring body-centered personal growth through one of many avenues available.

Astral healing  is not in the same category as these other important ways of engaging emotional growth. It takes a metaphorical plumbing approach to the client’s emotional healing: to clear blockages, to enhance flows where needed, and to help the client tap into new resources, inner and outer. Repairing or enhancing the astral (emotional) flow of the client’s energy body can encourage them to “restart” his or her emotional body struggling with an important issue, or relationship. The natural growth cycle of the client, formerly stunted by astral blockages or challenges, can be restored, and the client can suddenly find that they can move their life towards the next level awaiting them.

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