Chakra cords extend the mind

the energetic connections between us

Chakra cord work is a speciality field within energy healing, and invites us to step past the illusions of our isolation with others and to acknowledge the power of our relationships to extend the experience of our individuated mind. Many recognize that the human mind (that part of us that is consciously aware of itself and of others) exhibits a field effect (action-at-a-distance) rather than a local effect. In other words, our human consciousness can be experienced as not limited within our physical body but as operating as a structured energetic field, and one which grows and develops over time. The “mind field effect” is something that both energy healer (and client) come to recognize as fundamental to true change: what is healed is not only physical dysfunction but the energetic imbalances embedded within self consciousness.

The connectivity of our energy field with others is reflected in many of the common expressions in everyday language. We talk about feeling “connected” to the heart of another, we talk about “cutting the cord” when we want to leave a relationship and move forward with our lives, we talk about “hooking” up with someone, as the precursor to an intimate encounter with them. And now, in our modern age of mobile phones and wi-fi internet, we use the invisible world of connectivity daily. It’s not a big leap for many to go from calling your mother’s cell phone to considering the possibility that non-visible chakra cord links you to her.

I see the invisible chakra cord system as one of the ways we extend the reach of the human mind, the consciousness of individuality, so that we can grow (or evolve) our personal mind beyond its self-imposed isolated limits. The communal underpinnings of our connections to others has long been mapped in other fields of study, such as Carl Jung’s concepts of the collective unconsciousness, and Family Systems theory in the psychotherapy world. Most people do not work with the relational energetics of chakra cords directly, but may do so indirectly: exploring dream symbols, working with non-conscious influences upon our lives made more conscious through psychotherapy (transference and projection), or by the need to create and sometimes end (or acknowledge the loss of) a personal relationship. We can draw upon much of this experience, and track important issues in the way we grow in relationship with others, from all these different places. Energy healers can then build practical skills of cord energy work to address relational energetics far more directly. At even the most basic level, energy healers can clean or support energetic connections between their clients and others, with the intention to speed up the personal growth that results in meaningful connections with others.

I was first drawn to specialize in chakra cord work around 2001, but it has taken over ten years of slow and steady in-the-trenches work and research for me to assemble a coherent model of chakra cords that I now use daily, in my private healing practice. Other teachers and energy healers have their own way of working with chakra cords, and their own skill level, all which creates positive change and powerful insights for their clients. Unlike medical surgery, where there will be one or two different accepted techniques to repair the physical body, I fully expect that there are multiple ways to do chakra cord work.

My personal viewpoint is pragmatic: if the healer can effect a significant change for the client using cord work, and can do so in a way that does not violate the client’s free will or implement the healer’s desire for a certain outcome, then all is well and good. However, I have come across some common ways some healers do cord work (such as cord “cutting”) that bear a closer look. While I agree that toxic connections often need to be closed down I suggest that severing any relationship (assuming the healer has the power to do so) must be done with extreme care, and not as a short-cut to the ending of emotional pain. Cord cutting is one of the many sticky issues I have come across in my own research into chakra cord energy healing methods, and I look forward to learning more about it over the coming years.

If chakra cords extend our mind field of personal consciousness, then it implies that the communication is a two-way street: that as we make contact with (and influence) another person, and they – in turn – influence us, and impact our personal energy system. Relationships viewed in this way suddenly take on a new psycho-emotional importance, as it suggests that the quality and intentions of others can easily overpower our own personal choices. It can do this by simple unconscious influence (advertising and social propaganda being two examples) and by socialization (living within a consensual reality not of our making) and often overwhelming our true perceptions (as dramatized in the 1999 Science Fiction movie, “The Matrix”). Sorting all this out is part of any spiritual or social greater awakening, and has far-reaching implications.

Additionally, for me the chakra cord work provides a structured framework for understanding the powerful influence of emotional surges of the spirit worlds (also known as the Astral), that brings together endocrine function and non-physical interactions from those Astral worlds. As an example of this, the lower Astral energies are known to feed off first and second chakra functioning: the desire to survive, the fear response, and the desire for revenge against another hurting you. Our personal energetic wiring (each endocrine gland is linked into a particular chakra) is able to be influenced by the corresponding astral energy, essentially creating a hidden manipulation of the person. In the case of the lower Astral, when blood is spilled (either real blood as in a sacrificial animal, or a proxy “blood” as in watching a violent movie) adrenaline and excitement run through our bodies, which in turn stimulates and feeds the lower Astral beings. Old Shamanic traditions all over the world recognized this, and learned to work with the lower Astral by deliberately substituting the blood of the chicken as a proxy for human blood, thereby mitigating the negative effects of the spirit world upon their community.

When we bring together the relational energetics of chakra cord work with any increased understanding of the hidden influence of the spirit world upon our extended mind, we have some useful energy healing skills to explore and develop further in the field of energy healing. While we can agree that tremendous work with clients can be done to balance their chakra system, and to energize a weakened energy field, exploring the relational energy field opens us up to a new level of work. In effect, working with chakra cords in addition to the Astral world, allows us to hack into the relational consciousness system of human personal development in a powerful way. It offers the potential for us to speed up the healing or transformation of all our energetic relationships with others, including relating towards ourselves. It helps us end old and restrictive relationships from our past.

It helps us refine or grow our healthy relationships right here in the present. And it may well create the foundation for a new future for us: one not built on the repetitive habits of the past, but one rising from our soul’s desire for a better world, and a superior way to relate to others. This is a lofty ambition to lay at the feet of a specialized form of energy healing – chakra cord work – but I do see it as one of many tools for us to head towards such a goal. Along with a rich spiritual life, and psychotherapeutic involvement, I have found it to have much practical merit. Hopefully, more and more energy healers will gravitate towards chakra cord healing work, and we as healers can further research the effects upon our clients. If they speed quickly through their relational challenges, let go of the past and move into a brighter future, then that is reward enough. Energy healing is always about helping others to heal, first and foremost. And then, along the way, and since we are all linked together as one species, we will come to heal ourselves.

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