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Therapeutic Energy Healing has developed an effective and potent skill set to work not only with clearing and enhancing individual chakras (psycho-emotional energy centers that access the nervous and endocrine systems) but also address our energetic relational connections to others. We grow as individuals through the making and the ending of relationships, and chakra cord work deals directly with the relational connections that impact us, or which allow us to learn who we are through the reflections and actions of others. Energy healer-therapists can work directly on these connections to others, as well as the chakra bodies themselves, and often make a significant personal issue or challenge in the client’s life move towards resolution, and contribute towards personal growth.

Here are some of the stages of cord clearing, and energy body support:

  1. Returning shared prana (life energy) from an ended relationship, and reintegrating it back into the self system
  2. Rooting the body deeply into contact with the earth prana, and emphasizing absorption by the energy body in such a way that the Lower Dantien becomes charged
  3. Re-routing the Lower Dantien charge into the lower spinal cord, and generating an upward flow in sushumna, the energy nadi that runs within the spinal cord
  4. Tracing the root and stem of the chakra to the chakra head, and clearing the chakra head screen of astral or emotional energies
  5. Cleaning the outer casing of the mother cord, and reinforcing maternal lineage self-cords back into the chakra head
  6. Cleaning the outer casing of the father cord, and reinforcing paternal lineage self-cords back into the chakra head
  7. Heritage cord clearing work within significant chakra cords, specific to the lineage issue the client is experiencing in their life
  8. Extraction of invasive cords from others
  9. Enhancing two-way flow to resolve co-dependant cording / boundary setting in unequal relationships
  10. Returning shared prana from an ended relationship, and reintegrating it back into the self system

Chakra cord work can be done with good results in chakras 2-6, with chakra 1 being supported by boundary clearing, and rooting into the feet and lower dantien. In practice, I find that most of the important shifts happen in chakras 1-3, and can be covered with a Big Three Mini-Series. When we factor in the middle and upper chakras, as is done in the Six Session Series, we get the added bonus of support from higher aspects of our self, rather than mostly heritage or family origin work which is done in the Mini-Series.

Single sessions that address the above stages of cord work can also have a good effect, but I always recommend that single sessions be mostly used as an introduction to cord work, and that the deep work is done in either a Mini-Series, or Six Session Series. The grouping of chakra cord healings has a transformative effect on any individual chakra that may be seen as the entry point for work. Therefore, the work flow for chakra cord work is: Single Session (exploration and introduction), Mini-Series (for work on clients with budget concerns), and one or more Six Session Series as the best use of these protocols, and for maximal progress.

The cord work progresses each client first through removing any overt or hidden influence on their emotional bodies, prior to deepening their psycho-emotional self-contact, and looking towards a renewal of their life force. Then, the energy body depleted by challenging relationship can be reclaimed, and built up further, after any recent or historical trauma has been cleared. The end point of all relational therapy is spiritual and personal freedom, and a well-developed energy body.  A new and powerful connection is formed between the personality and the energy body of the client, resulting in major shifts in their health, personal life, and spiritual connection. In reclaiming the energy body as their own, and not one that is heavily influenced by the energy body of others, the client is then free to take their personal evolution to the next level.

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