Chakra Cord multi-level cleaning

unprocessed astral material can be freed from the past

Chakra cord cleaning work can be done in various ways. Relational Energy Therapy breaks down cord cleaning into different layers of the work, each of which adds to the overall clearing process for the client, and for the relationship to which the cord is connected.

The first layer of cleaning involves the astral clearing protocol that helps remove emotional (or astral) material from others from the surface layer of the cord. At its most basic, this protocol helps the client discern between their own emotional reality and needs, and those of others involved in the relationship (most notably, the person to who the chakra cord is attached). This protocol is part of Session One of the Six Session Series, in that the auric boundary is cleaned using a specific frequency, and after which specific chakra cords can receive the same treatment. This duo approach – auric boundary plus specific chakra cord cleaning – often yields very good results.

The second layer of cleaning protocol involves activating the self-correcting nature of the psycho-emotional energy body. By making the relational crisis or issue more accessible, via the initial dialogue with the client at the start of each session, the auric system tends towards re-balancing itself once the issue is reframed in a positive way. This, in conjunction with the first astral clearing protocol, helps propel the client’s personal healing journey towards powerful new changes in their life.

However, there are often obscured hindrances on the way towards resolution, and these particular challenges may lie deep beneath the psycho-emotional tarnish that covers each cord. Unprocessed early astral material may clump together, and “stick” tenaciously to the chakra cord, refusing to change or transform itself. This unprocessed early astral material is experienced as being masochistic in nature, deriving pleasure from remaining stubbornly in place, despite obvious psycho-emotional insights gleaned from the client’s personal work on themselves.

For instance, the material may seem to “hold a grudge”, or delight in resenting something (or someone), and other variations of infant-mind emotional life. Unprocessed material such as this requires a combined effort from both client and healer, to disperse the held feelings but without re-energizing them by repeating the feeling state in which they were originally created. Also, see below, regarding the astral material’s connection to a false time.

While chakra cord tarnish is fairly easy to remove, once the energy therapist learns and then practices this healing skill for several weeks, unprocessed early astral material often takes a sustained effort to first reduce, and then eliminate. It also requires the courage for the client to first feel the early emotional holding, but without the reflexive projection out onto another, and then “digest” that holding event over time.

The important issue to note, with specialized clearing of chakra cords, is that there at the beginning of chakra cord healing work we are faced with two very different causes for emotional challenges that resist healing: chakra cord tarnish, and the unprocessed astral material that clumps underneath the tarnish. The tarnish is emotional energy left over from other people, a residue of the interaction between the self and other, while unprocessed astral material is self-generated. But to process the unprocessed material, first you need to clean off the tarnish, and do some discovery work as to how the client is actually participating (unknowingly, that is) in the creation of the unprocessed astral material. Ironically, it is of our own creation, or rather, the byproduct of our emotional misunderstanding, and/or an early trauma response to an infant-level developmental issue.

Unprocessed astral material is cleared by tapping into its false belief about time: that the feelings entrench in it have a future potential to be felt, and resolved. This is a fantasy, and not going to happen, but the recalcitrant embedded astral is not aware of this. Relational Energy Healing seeks to bring the embedded astral into the present moment, or disengage the feeling from its fantasy future goal. Once impacted by the clarity of the present moment, and by the reality of the false goal of completion, the astral material dissolves naturally, and the client is relieved of the burden he or she has carried for decades.

The second major underlying reason for hindrances, and just as potent as the first, lies in ancestral or heritage psycho-emotional material that may be passed along inside the cord from another person, such as heritage material held by a mother, or a father. This can be easily seen if we find ourselves repeating the life patterns of a parent (or a grandparent), although it is often more subtle than merely an obvious repeat of another’s life. Heritage cord healing is a large and specialized subject, and is discussed elsewhere on this web site.

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Clearing challenging relationships

Clearing challenging relationships

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