A few years ago I offered a teleclass which explores how to work with the Astral world, aimed at modern day therapeutic healers. This has now been converted into a self-study audio course.

Once we can become aware of how the Astral world affects us (and our clients) we can then develop effective healing skills that can either reveal, or modify, the Astral influences upon them. This course is not about a “defense” against the Astral, or fear about the spirit world; it is about working with the Astral domain’s vitalizing impact upon the world, whilst also bringing our healthy participation to bear upon it.

Astral healing work helps energy healers deal with spirit world intrusions (or support) offered from the spirit world. These skills bridge the two worlds of ritual magic and therapeutic energy healing. We will blend the roles of the psychic, the magician, and the therapist into a powerful way to assist our clients in their evolution.

If you are working with a spirit guide, or attending channeled sessions given by a medium, you are already interacting with the Astral world. Spirit communication – just like human contact skills – needs to be learned well. This class will highlight how we can perceive Astral influences (both positive and challenging) with the emphasis on developing effective Astral healing skills for use in our private practices. It will draw on the insights and knowledge of previous magicians and researchers, from Emanuel Swedenborg, the Theosophical teachers, writings from The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and especially the late Dr Stylianos Atteschlis (known as “Daskalos”).

Embedded within this past knowledge lies the direction our modern approach to Astral energy healing can take now: where we seek not to force the world to conform to our will, but where we assist a client in coming to terms with the truth – their truth – of their soul evolution. It is this guiding principle – not to hijack the inner authority of the client while working with them – that is the golden rule of Astral Energetics. If we unconsciously or deliberately embed our own choices that override the client’s inner authority, then we fall into the darker side of ritual magic: manipulation, or sorcery. In order to avoid this easy mistake we must always engage in self-reflection and brutal self-honesty during our work with others. We must dedicate ourselves, as Daskalos often said, to being “Researchers of Truth”.


In the Astral self-study course we explore some important influences on the specialized field of Astral Healing. We will practice some of the foundation disciplines and mental/emotional training that astral energy healers learn. To work with the non-visible Astral inhabitants we will need to develop some specific skills. For instance, we will need to be able to differentiate between the Etheric body and the Astral bodies. We must accept that our own personal development is a significant aspect in any Astral healing skill work we offer others. We can assist our clients fully in their healing process only after we have successfully completed the same initiation they are undergoing for themselves.

There are books on the Astral world, and on chakras, but little is published on working with the Astral world for therapeutic and personal growth as a healer. This class is aimed at healers wishing to expand access (or deepen existing access) into the Astral domains. It is not a course on how scary or evil Astral demons are, and is not only about how to protect yourself. Rather, it is about personal development of your auric energy field so as to reveal the hidden Astral world influences, and to learn how to work effectively with them. The intention is that you will gain practical experience so as to become a more effective energy healer.

Overview of the Astral Self Study Class

1. We begin the class with an historical overview of the Astral domains based on classical esoteric sources. To learn Astral healing we must be aware of the principles and function of esoteric magic, which Aleister Crowley defined as “the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will”.

2. Dean will present his practical insights and experience gained by having taught Astral Healing skills at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing for ten years. Dean was the BBSH PS2 Class Dean from 1994-2003, and during that time also served as a Department Head of Teacher Training, and as a Vice President of Barbara Brennan, Inc. Dean has practiced Astral healing in his world-wide private practice with clients from 1992 to the present, in conjunction with advanced chakra cord work.

3. We will explore the importance of Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis (“Daskalos”) as a modern magus, and as healer, and contrast him with a previous magician, Aleister Crowley.

4. Working with the Astral domains and developing a modern-day therapeutic perspective towards it is the core of this class. The emotional content of our Astral body affects the functioning and development of the Etheric (light) body, as well as influencing the challenges we face in the everyday world in which we – and our clients – live. We will explore some of the implications of this, and look at the kind of results we can expect to achieve with Astral healing work.

5. We will discuss the three energy bodies of human beings: Material, Etheric, Astral.

6. What are the important differences between our “Present Personality” and our “Permanent Personality”?

7. We will explore Astral Thought-Forms, and focus on how our Present Personality development is affected by them. We will also look at other Daskalos material on Elementals, Archangel energies, and how he saw their function. Dean will also introduce his own research on the importance of Talu chakra and Bindu chakra.

8. Astral domain inhabitants are sentient (or semi-sentient), non-physical individuals, a more respectful way to approach them rather than the label “astral entities”. We will examine the different types of astral world inhabitants, what they want, and how they strive to get it from us.

9. Astral Doorways: The further development of our Etheric and Astral energy bodies. We will deepen our understanding of the power of symbology, as used by esoteric magical traditions, as explored by Carl Jung, and recently exploited by modern corporate culture in order to sell us products and political ideas.

10. The importance of self-examination and the tracking of our personal process. Ethical considerations for Astral healers. Respect towards others – and towards the Astral – is a vital part of Astral healing.


11. The practical applications of Astral healing are:

a) Awakening from our primary immersion in the material body (awakening process of spiritual growth)

b) Increased awareness of the powerful and hidden forces in your personal life, and within society at large. Removal of Astral hindrances speeds up personal and spiritual growth, as well as the healing process.

c) The gaining of increased personal power for aligning to our personal goals and intention, and increased effectiveness as an energy healer (or other helping professional)

d) Practical skill development occurs when we can differentiate between Etheric (pranic) healing skills (the structured elements of the auric energy field, such as the chakras, chakra relational and self-cords, and material body prana support), and Astral energy healing skills.

e) The challenge of coming to terms with evil in the world, and the protective function of our psychological denial mechanisms, is far-reaching and an important step in our species development.

13. Practical and essential Astral hygiene for energy workers.

The cost for the mp3 audio recordings is 250 USD, and includes a one-hour private Skype Session with Dean, where you can ask your questions about the material, or confirm your new insights about working in contact with the Astral world. Please email Dean at to purchase, and to set up your included private session.

2016 by Dean Ramsden. All rights reserved.

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Dean Ramsden practices and teaches Relational Energy Therapy, which combines chakra and chakra cord energy healing with astral (emotional body) work.