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Astral healing training is not just about dealing with the non-human or spirit energies that interact with our human bodies. It is about seeing Astral influences on the client as vital to their full personal and spiritual health, as well as awakening in them their Adult-level mind. Astral healing work is a shamanic resource that is hidden from most modern people who have accepted, at face value, that the universe and their bodies are mostly material, and that their emotional issues are only rooted in their own mind. The shamanic perspective is very different, as it has actual experience of the invisible, non-material energies and entities residing in the non-visible spirit world. The shaman knows the value of looking into the astral or emotional world, and finding whatever is impacting the client: physical, emotional, or a mental thought-form, or belief.

When we accept and also experience the astral world, our mind is opened up to new realms of healing and transformation. We can begin to notice hidden influences upon our, and our clients, health and wellbeing. We also do not have to fall back onto the tribal shaman’s methods, that historically help both reveal and clear astral influences on their tribal members. We can update the shaman’s toolkit for the Western mind and sensibility, while still attaining a similar outcome. This is the goal of Therapeutic Energy Healing: to utilize shamanic principles, but in a modern therapeutic context.

There are four ways astral healing work can be applied in energy healing work:

1. Repairing leakages and invasions within the auric energy body

The classic shamanic healing is to repair leakages in the auric energy body. This is done traditionally by either a general clearing (using a Sweat Lodge, or smudging, or ritual cleansing by the shaman), or by removing non-visible invasions in the client’s body (astral extraction work). First the practitioner, like the shaman, makes the astral (or spirit-emotional body) more apparent to their client, and then he or she applies a corrective energy healing skill.

Therapeutic Energy Healing accesses the auric energy body directly, by using a dialogue with the client, prior to any energy work. The healer-therapist uses their trained sensitivity to astral influences (i.e., the impact of emotional or thought-form energies that are external to the client, and severely impacting their physical and energy bodies) to track and to bring to the client’s attention that which is out of balance in their lives. This clarification process is especially important for modern Western people, because they usually make the assumption that the universe in which they live is mostly physical matter, rather than matter taking up only a small fraction of who they are. The energy healer, like the shaman, knows we are energy beings, wearing a physical body, and helps the client to experience this more authentic reality for themselves.

Once energy leakages, or emotional invasion issues have responded well to corrective Astral healing treatments, the healer-therapist can then move the client forward in their healing process, and help them find their Achille’s Heel: the vulnerable opening in their energy consciousness or ego self organization, that allows the astral world (and other humans) exploit certain vulnerabilities in them. The key piece here is that once you become aware of astral world influences, you also become aware of where you are always vulnerable.

2. Finding the Achille’s Heel

“An Achilles’ heel is a weakness in spite of overall strength, which can actually or potentially lead to downfall. While the mythological origin refers to a physical vulnerability, idiomatic references to other attributes or qualities that can lead to downfall are common”. Source: Wikipedia.

This is the second tier of the Relational Therapist’s shaman-level work: to help the client locate their hidden weaknesses, and heal – or become vastly more aware of – those weaknesses.

For instance, in the healing of addiction, the healing addict has to come to terms with their human limitations, and start to create a healthier self-care mechanism, before they can be fully healed of any substance abuse issues in their lives. Realizing where they have personal power, and where it is dangerous to stray, the recovering addict makes energy body and emotional body changes that shift them into a new place of choice. Addiction acts to remove personal choice, drain vital energy from our auric field and enhances unhealthy compulsions. Astral healing reduces compulsion and increases psycho-emotional energy, leading towards essential personal growth and the implementation of new, and better, choices for ourselves.

The Achille’s Heel energy healing work is done by carefully tracking the client’s issues to an early event in their lives, one which has left them vulnerable to exploitation, to energy drain, or to abuse by others. Without astral healing work done at the level of the symbolic Achille’s Heel issue, the client will run the risk of forever looping in their personal process, and repeating cycle after cycle of the same issue. The repeating issue will drain them of live force, and leave them unable to either heal fully, or to make the jump to the next level of their personal development.

Achille’s Healing work also requires paying deep attention to what we are doing, to our relationships with others, and to our habitual patterns in our own inner world. It also means coming to terms with adult thinking: the concrete exploitation in the world, and the mechanisms of denial that we all use, to avoid leaving the infant reality of our early life. We learn to see things as they really are, and re-sensitize ourselves to the impact of whatever trauma or deprivation from our past is connected to our Achille’s Heel.

Becoming aware of the way the world really works (adult level), and how exploitation is a part of it, as well as developing personal strategies to deal with the adult world, is a vital part of our spiritual and personal growth. It is the transition from the Infant-level mind of our earliest developmental beginnings, into the Adult-level mind that awakens us to our full potential. Astral healing work speeds up the process of moving from our inner infant and towards developing an adult and individuated astral body: one capable of discernment, monitoring boundaries, and powerful and healthy interactions with self and with others.

3. Accessing your spirit allies

Another part of the Relational Therapist / shaman’s task is to help their client access positive and life-affirming spirit allies, or ancestors. Therapeutic Energy Healing recognizes that we are heavily influenced by past emotional events and relationships, including those of our own ancestors. We are also supported by spirit beings of immense wisdom and power, and must learn to distinguish between the good ally in the spirit world, and the exploitative, destructive, lower astral beings. The shaman first acts as a diplomat for the client, and helps negotiate an empowering relationship between the client and their spirit allies.

Then, and in conjunction with awareness about their inbuilt Achille’s Heel, the client can begin to build a stronger Astral body, a clearer emotional body, and an begin to make healthier and more productive choices for themselves. At one level, this is getting in touch with your muse, or your guardian spirit, and welcoming their support. But it also means building discernment, and seeing what seems like a positive influence but which may be obscuring a darker, and more life-denying astral force. The shaman helps us sort out the astral world influences and effects upon our lives, and the RET practitioner helps that process also.

These are the three areas of study in Astral Healing: the modernization of the shamanic skill set (how to deal with the non-visible psycho-emotional reality), the tracking and location of our metaphorical “Achille’s Heel”, which is an inherent weakness that if left unhealed can bring our downfall, and the final work being to connect us up to positive and helpful spirit body beings. This is also the module that will introduce Astral Healing skills that do not stimulate or charge existing emotional issues, in the way that Western personal processes such as bioenergetics may implement. Astral Healing skills are developed to uncover the issue, reveal any numbing or denial of the issues involved, and then to move the client through an initiation: from the problematic struggle with their Achille’s Heel, and forward in development, in both health and personal growth.

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