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the transformation of life force

An important skill set in Therapeutic Energy Healing is to access the emotional/relational energy body with a view to help it release past emotional energies, develop new resources, and increase awareness of our individuated self. When we are fused or overpowered by emotional energies from our past, we are not ourselves: we are a self in potential only, and a product of our family heritage, or perhaps heavily influenced by a traumatic incident (or challenged relationship) from years gone by. When we have not developed our emotional resources, such as healthy personal boundaries, or the ability to track and respond to our (and others) needs, or we have not learned how we can co-create the self, we will find it difficult to live a happy life.

And, when we are not in touch with our individuating sense of self, we run the risk of others running our lives, or taking advantage of our lack of self awareness: we become exploited by them, or by family or group energy fields. This is astral energetics: the exploration, and development, of the astral (or emotional) body.

The astral body is developed over time, and through the impact and involvement of multiple relationships with others. It is a product of our current life experience, as well as a reflection of our past, and is significantly influenced by our family heritage. For many of us, our emotional body needs to be healed of past challenges, and significant relational deficits from our early life should be replaced with better options. All of this requires a combination of reflective self awareness, and guidance from both the inner, and the outer, worlds. You will not find this kind of training in schools or colleges that are mostly there to adapt the individual to the practical needs of society. You will only find them with difficulty, lurking at the distant edges of main stream society. You will need to tap into one or more of these mystery schools, in order to make fast progress.

How you come to find esoteric guidance is a part of the “mystery” – or meaningful coincidence – of these domains of knowledge. In part, the guidance to develop yourself (and your Astral body) slowly emerges from within, in the form of intuition, dreams, or events that lead you to find others that help your progress. The outer knowledge comes to you piecemeal, one part at a time. The “pieces” of your Astral Body evolution will include body healing and re-education, the creation of critical thinking skills, the ability to track people and patterns in new ways, the opening of the higher senses of the energy body, becoming aware of your third eye functioning, and many others.

In a nutshell, you find yourself following multiple tracks of esoteric and physical development study, looking towards the realization of the individuated self. This effort may lead you towards consciously creating your Astral energy body. It will be influenced by a combination of your heritage and your soul history, but requires your choice to become active and powerful. Your Astral body is unique, and although it needs to be dissolved at death and then reformed again with each incarnation, it always retains the unique flavor of who you are. It may not be equivalent to your soul, but it is an important reflection of your soul’s quality, and your accumulated personal experience, gained throughout multiple life times.

Therapeutic energy healing sessions start with clearing the Astral body of past influences, using astral healing skills and various protocols. Then, it moves into supporting the client in developing missing or occluded emotional resources, such as personal boundaries, or fused relational (or invasive) chakra cords to others. Finally, it acts as a springboard for triggering the next step of individuated development in the client. The payoff for all the client’s healing work is nothing less than the jump to another level of personal evolution: one that emerges from their own efforts, and which grows their Astral body in the areas most important to them. In the end, the client comes to be what he or she has always been: an individuated, and passionate being, and full with presence.

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Clearing the Astral body

Clearing the Astral body

the mechanics of our emotional experience

What is Therapeutic Energy Therapy?

What is Therapeutic Energy Therapy?

awakening to the authentic self

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