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Therapeutic Energy Healing is a newer style of the classical energy healing styles, one which incorporates the insights and knowledge gained from Western psychology, in conjunction with the mystical aspects of spiritual world contact and communication. While the goal of therapeutic energy healing parallels that of classical hands on healing styles such as Reiki and other modern variants of energy work, it is also directed by the psychotherapeutic work flow. This means we first uncover the direct and associative influences on the client’s life, and together with them formulate a treatment plan. The energy healings that are initiated then follow the direction of the healing plan, and look for a conscious or practical result from the work done. 

My own style of healing work is one example of therapeutic energy healing. Each session begins with a 20+ minute dialogue with the client, where we explore the current experiences they are having in regard to our treatment plan goals, as well as highlight patterns discovered in previous work we have done. This exploratory work is supplemented by an optional pre-session email the client can send to me, allowing us both to jump quickly into the important issue.

Once the dialogue is completed, or the client feels they have updated me with relevant information, we move on to the distance energy work itself. For single session work the energy healing pivots on immediate issues. And for the Six Session Series, where the client is exploring the impact of their challenges on all six major chakras, the energy work narrows down towards the specific function of the chakra we are at in the treatment plan.

So, for example, if a client is exploring the early influences of their mothering on a now-adult relationship situation, the Six Session Series will usually include the clearing of each chakra in turn, followed by mother relational chakra cord work. The idea is to both reveal the impact of the past, and to diminish their impact so the client can release their historical habits, and turn towards brand new options and behaviors. 

As we spiral up their chakra system, working with the mother (or father) cords, and tying them into natural functionality of specific chakras, a wave of change and personal growth is built in the client’s life. They will begin to notice they suddenly have access to new resources, to a more authentic self expression, and begin to settle into their choices and hidden options. The client can then consciously evolve themselves, with the therapeutic energy work acting to energize and perhaps even guide their evolution in alignment with their soul choices made at the beginning of this lifetime.

Over the last twenty years I have found that if I supply an abundance of resource material between healing sessions, it supports the client in maintaining the momentum of the Six Session Series. Each client receives:

1. A full session mp3 audio recording of each session, which they can use for review purposes. I’m told by many of my clients that this reinforcement recording is a valuable tool in their forward progress.

2. An optional AI-generated English transcript of the full session, for those who want to review the session items or themes by reading the words themselves, rather than listening to them. For those of us attuned to the act of reading, this can bring many insights, and is often easier than listening to yourself on the audio recording.Optional, of course, as many people don’t like listening to themselves!

3. The energy healing segment is extracted from the full audio recording, enhanced for use as a standalone recording, allowing the client the option to replay and reinforce the original healing. Again, this often deepens the change efforts we are looking for in any treatment plan, similar to reading the transcript.

Every client is unique, and also has different time and pacing needs. Some clients utilize all the resources, while others use them minimally, or sometimes not at all. I leave all the choices in the hands of the client, and trust in the uncovering process and how it unfolds naturally for each person I work with. As with psychotherapy, the healer must not be invested in the way a client utilizes the healing process, but only act as a support agent, and be creative in adapting their healing work to the needs of the treatment plan.

A treatment plan for energy healers may sound somewhat clinical and objective, and fly in the face of offering the spiritual and emotional support built into high quality energy healing work. But I have found that, by following on in the spirit of Buddhist-inspired psychotherapists, the work of the energy healer is guidance and support, and not to over-ride the autonomy and natural unfolding process of the client. Likewise, judgments and cultural bias each healer carries within him or her, must be kept out of the treatment plan as much as is humanly possible. 

The only exception to this is if the client cannot hold to the professional boundaries needed to carry out our work with them. The common hurdles that indicate a non-ideal healer-client relationship are ongoing difficulties by the client to attend the session on time, or to pay for sessions missed due to their own late cancellation, or unconscious demands to control the healing work rather than be open to interventions from others. Psychotherapeutically, such actions indicate a resistance to the healing process, rather than any moral development. Such a client should probably be referred to a licensed psychologist, so they get the help they need in a more traditional psychotherapy framework.

A relationship energy therapy treatment plan is reviewed every Six Session Series, when possible, to both validate positive results achieved, and to refine the forward direction of the energy work. Some clients may get easily overwhelmed or disorientated by too much structure, or fear losing their autonomy, or personal choice, when working with a helper. Therefore I keep my treatment plan notes and ideas private, and only highlight and bring to their attention the discoveries and insights made by the client as they arise. This keeps us on track and in sync with the client’s organic healing process.

Classical forms of energy healing often include the use of spirit guide communication, where the healer can pass on to the client helpful information to the client, perhaps pointing out hidden realities. As with my treatment plan notes, I tend to keep much of the spirit communication I receive from my spirit guides private, and only share them when my spirit guide strongly suggests I do so. I want to keep the therapeutic process orientated around the client’s process, and not distraction them towards another point of view, or a different expression of the issue, even if coming from the spirit world.

I am fortunate to work with a sophisticated group of spirit guides, a healing team if you will, where I am their access into the human world, but I am not the leader of the team. I find the rotation of my spirit guides behind the scene, so to speak, extremely reassuring. The right spirit guide seems always to work with us, and then steps back from the situation once their work is done.

That being said, there are certain situations where I am wholly inadequate to the task, if the issue for the client is outside of my life experience, or is an issue held by a different gender. For those situations, a female spirit guide will take over the healing work, while I wait and just provide the energetic connection to the client. Examples of this are energetic healing response to undergoing child birthing issues, childhood sexual abuse, and gynecology procedures. As I have no experience of these in my current human incarnation, I default to a spirit guide that does, and allow the healing work they need to come through me. 

Some clients prefer ongoing work, keeping the flow of energy work moving forward, month by month, until they achieve a certain result in their life. Other clients come for a Six Session Series, and then take a month or so to digest the work, and integrate it into their lives. And, for a client restricted by finances or by competing forces in their lives, single sessions can provide a lot of value, especially so if good use is made of the session recordings.

My system is only one way of applying therapeutic energy healing work with clients, and I feel confident other variations will appear over the coming years. The challenge with classical energy healing work is that it may insulate itself with tribalism (such as specific shamanic groups), or succumb to personality cults that follow a charismatic leader. While value can be extracted from these options, there are huge hurdles to be navigated when we do not have a solid psychological framework built into our approach to healing work. 

Narcissism abounds in energy work, and we all struggle with unresolved challenges from our early life. These normal developmental issues can be exacerbated by unhealthy merger between human “instrument” (as in, a psychic medium), and the disembodied spirit beings interacting with them. We should be cautious of either egoic inflation (as in, “I know better than you”), or extreme self sacrifice (loss of identity and autonomy) in service of others. If we can navigate those challenges adequately, albeit occasionally stumbling, the therapeutic energy healer offers a unique resource for each client on their healing and transformational journey. An energy body worker can be part shaman, part healer, part therapist … but they should always remain fully human.

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