The Relational Energy Therapy Diploma Course

dean-demonstrationDean Ramsden teaches a Diploma Course in Relational Energy Therapy, comprising of eight specialized teaching modules.

This course is a modular teaching program, where each module is stand-alone material and skills, but it also provides an opportunity for Relational Energy Therapy students to deepen existing training and knowledge taught in previous modules, or for those studying with Dean in Skype tutorial sessions.

Cost during 2018 is 500 Euro per module.

Anyone can apply to participate in these modules, without being committed to completing the 8-module Diploma Program. Each module stands alone as a seminar, so participants can join in on seminars that interest them. Or, committed students can work towards full graduated status.

Diploma Course students who wish to deepen their understanding of Relational Energy Therapy, and gain their diploma of completing, can work individually with Dean Ramsden over Skype between live modules, so as to deepen and refine their understanding and practice of the Relational Energy Healing approach. Diploma Course students will be required to complete 18 private tutorials per year. Tutorials are 160 USD per session.

Relational Energy Therapy (RET) is a modality that combines chakra and auric body development, chakra cord work, astral energy healing, and therapeutic dialogue, to support a positive shift in a clients physical health, emotional growth, and spiritual development. It combines Etheric body or structural psychic healing with Astral (or emotional body work), within the context of the organic development or needs of the client. It is not a transmission style such as Reiki, nor is it based on cathartic bodywork systems. Rather, it is learning to remove energetic hindrances in the client, and to support the development of their inner resources, such that the client naturally evolves to the next level of their personal growth, or overcomes a medical challenge to their health.

For a deeper overview of the different aspects of RET, please visit this post.

Chakra cord cleaning

The Eight Teaching Modules of Relational Energy Therapy

Module One: Chakra and Chakra Cord Healing in Chakra One and Chakra Two * July 21 – 24, 2018, in Pattaya, Thailand (in association with Yui Wang’s seminars). Note that Japanese translation is available with four or more Japanese students only. There will be an additional cost for the translation service. Please email Dean for more information.

Module Two: Astral Healing basics & intermediate applications to chakra & chakra cord work * dates to be announced

Module Three: Chakra and Chakra Cord Healing in Chakra Three and Chakra Four * July 26 -29, 2018, in Pattaya, Thailand.

Module Four: Astral extraction techniques and the Big Three Mini-Series protocol * dates to be announced

Module Five: Chakra and Chakra Cord Healing in Chakra Five and Chakra Six * dates to be announced

Module Six: Advanced Astral Healing and emotional personal process work * dates to be announced

Module Seven: Upper Chakra (including Talu and Guru chakras) and the Six Session Series spiral protocol * dates to be announced

Module Eight: Relational Energy Therapy process and integration across the full spectrum of healing * dates to be announced

These courses will be taught only in English, unless otherwise stated. No audio, photography, or video recording by participants is permitted, due to confidential information and privacy issues of each participant.

For how to apply for the upcoming module, please visit this page.

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