Going by many different names, a psychic attack can be either a direct or indirect assault on your auric energy system, resulting in decreased health or chronic illness, unexplained fatigue, excessive bad luck, anxiety and paranoia, or disturbed sleep. Difficult to pin down in everyday terms, as these symptoms could be the side effect from various causes, the psychic attack is a very real issue that energy healers are asked to support their clients in overcoming.

This mini-series of four one-hour online classes explores the territory of the psychic attack, or curse, from a practical and therapeutic perspective. We will look at everyday situations that expose us to the negative or manipulative focus of others, at family heritage energies passed down from near or distance ancestors, and invite class participants to share their own experiences with emotional or mental challenges when they are opposed by the selfish will of another.

We will also look at strategies and defenses against the non-conscious cursing of us by others, as well as gain more insight into how we can recover from attacks made upon the integrity of our energy consciousness system.

The Psychic Attack Online Class: time and dates:

Sundays at 8 pm Eastern US / 5 pm Pacific US

June 2019: 2, 9, 16, 23

Registration opens February 5, 2019. Please email Dean, through the email links on this website, to apply for the class.

Cost: 270 USD via PayPal.

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