The Activation and Use of the Magical Mind is the next class in my 2019 online class schedule, and further develops the material taught earlier this year.

In four one-hour Sunday evening classes during October (5 PM Pacific US Time Zone), we will explore how to evoke and create that which has been cleaned out of our lives (or, is in the process of being cleared) and replace the old using tools that activate and develop the Magical Mind. In our distinction between the everyday mindset of the Moral Mind and the Magical Mind, we gain access to the workings of the Universe, and its ability to blend outer realities with inner ones.

If you have attended one or more of my 2019 online classes, the Activation and Use of the Magical Mind material complements those classes. If you are new to my online classes, this is a good class to explore important issues in how you can evoke and create that which is important to your life.

Class One (October 6, 2019) dives deep into what is needed to purge and clear the outmoded, the toxic memories of the past, and even extends to family karma: the preparation of the energy body. We will use expressive writing and/or transcripts of our speaking, to reveal where the Moral Mind restricts us, and when the Magical Mind wants to take us.

Class Two (October 13, 2019) focuses on finding or developing a vision for yourself, or to provide support for your client in creating a new life for themselves. We will look at primary thought-forms, and how they function in our lives via the Astral Body and its development.

Class Three (October 20, 2019) looks at the use of Sigils as a powerful tool that manifests some result or response from the Universe. If time permits we will also add creative Candle Magic and Tarot symbology to our psychic toolkit.

Class Four (October 27) moves into advanced and therapeutic thought-forms, and especially our contact with secondary thought forms: aspects of ourselves that are often experienced as the “inner teacher”. We can have contact with both external spirit guides and allies, as well as developing our inner self based on previous soul/human growth from previous incarnations.

Also, we can explore the practical application of chakra and chakra cord work, linking into the material taught in previous online classes. The online class material is suitable for both personal and for professional application in your life.

If you wish to participate in a class but the US time zone does not work well for you, you can still participate by paying the class fee, which includes mp3 recordings, and then sending in your questions and comments via email. I will do my best to integrate your questions into the class material.

Space is limited, so email me to enroll in this class, and I look forward to you joining me, beginning on October 6 at 5 PM Pacific Time, 8 PM Eastern Time. Cost of this class is 320 USD, inclusive of a digital mp3 recording.

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Dean Ramsden practices and teaches Relational Energy Therapy, which combines chakra and chakra cord energy healing with astral (emotional body) work.