One of the practical applications of distance energy healing work is to assist a patient undergoing surgery via pre-surgical and post-surgical energy body support. The Etheric and Astral bodies are the matrices upon with the physical body grows – and interacts – with the material world. If we focus only on the reality of the physical body then we will experience surgery as the beginning point of healing, with full recovery from the surgery as the end point. But from the perspective of the Etheric and Astral bodies the surgical event begins weeks prior to the surgery, as our forward-thinking psyche non-consciously prepares for the disruption to the body’s integrity. Anxiety increases, and all sorts of dire imaginings about the outcome of the event may stir our emotions. We may feel like sinking into helplessness a childlike dependency in relation to our surgeon, and other health care providers.

Over the many years of my work as a healer I have come to develop specific protocols for pre-surgical and post-surgical procedures, ones that experience has showed can help in both surgical preparation as well as recovery. Surgical Energy Healing sessions are a service I offer to those clients who remain firmly under the care and guidance of qualified medical professionals, and yet wish to add Etheric template support to their surgery to support the best possible outcome of their medical treatment.

The protocol for Surgical Healing consists of two phases: Pre-surgery Etheric template work, and Post-surgical Qi enhanced healing techniques.

◊ Pre-surgical Etheric template work

The etheric body can be prepared for surgery by running various forms of prana into the physical cells affected by the medical procedure. The idea is to pre-program a positive outcome for both the disruption (such as medical incisions) and the coming structural changes. By tapping directly into cellular consciousness the body can be both “informed” about the coming surgical intervention, as well as guided towards a positive outcome. Just as a successful athlete learns to foresee a desired outcome to their sporting challenge ahead of time, so a patient can train to foresee a positive bodily (or systemic) response to their coming surgery. This preparation moves a client from helpless observer into becoming an empowered participant in their surgical procedure.

◊ Post-surgical enhanced Qi healing techniques

The following distance work comes from Qi Healing techniques that I used to practice earlier in my career. While the Etheric and Astral bodies are interacted with prior to the surgery, this post-surgical work requires switching over from Etheric or Astral healing and into a Qi Healing mode, with emphasis on speeding up the natural healing response of the human body.
A typical sequencing that I follow is:

a) Directly after surgery (or invasive medical procedure) the shock to the physical body is alleviated with a cooling and calming Qi energetic transmission. The intention here is to quickly move the body away from the “crisis” event of surgery, and into the trauma recovery phase.

b) Many surgical procedures produce swelling in, or around, the organ or limb, and anything affected by the medical procedure. Qi healing can be used to reduce swelling, and to enhance lymphatic efficiency.

c) Following a reduction in any swelling the cellular Qi levels affected by the surgery can be improved, as fully-charged cellular bodies will speed up the natural healing process, in addition to offering the much-appreciated benefit of pain reduction. This is especially important for the post-surgical discomfort found in such cases as foot, knee, or hip replacement surgery. In these medical procedures the patient is encouraged to be active and move towards rehabilitation as soon as is possible.

d) Organ balancing and boosting the Qi meridian flow. Where a paired organ has been affected by surgery the energetic pulse of the organ system may need to be reset. Similarly, if the surgery disrupts the physical positioning of an energy meridian (refer to a Traditional Chinese Medicine or Acupuncture manual for the Qi meridian pathways of the human body) energy healing support can help the physical body regain the energetic balance it possessed prior to any invasive surgery. Meridians can also be energized, and the pulsations in the organs can be harmonized.

Taken all together, these healing techniques both prepare the patient for an intense surgical event and are designed to complement conventional post-surgical rehabilitation and recovery. Of course, no medical advice or care is every replaced or over-ridden by the energy healer. The sole intention of the healer is to minimize down-time after surgery, and to co-create a positive outcome for the patient.

I’ve explored many variations of this protocol, which can be easily fine-tuned for particular cases. Every patient (and every surgery) is unique, and individual. The Energetic Preparation for Surgery protocol, to date, provides consistently good results. If you are looking for objective research as to the effectiveness of this protocol you should be aware it does not exist. You are always welcome to contact me to see if you may benefit from it, or please pass this article on to your existing energy healer. I hope that it will assist your healer in exploring how to support your energy and material bodies through any significant medical procedures in your life. May you emerge from your surgery healthier, and stronger, than before. Surgery does not have to be viewed as a problem to be overcome but as an opportunity to build a healthier and more efficient body, as well as a way to extend our life span.

For other examples of surgical energy healing please follow this link.

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