The Activation and Use of the Magical Mind online class on October 6, 2019, will include practical ways to utilize both expressive writing and its esoteric relative, Sigil Magic. Sigils are emotionally-charged complex glyphs, that we can use to evoke or enhance the probability of any outcome, or goal, in our lives.

Expressive writing – the opportunity to explore that which is struggling to be released into our conscious mind through the written word – or Sigil Magic – the use of a glyph that visually represents a desire or an aspect of our reality- are different ways to bring something new and powerful into our lives.

Sigils invite a result or a response from the universe, but only if we become actively involved in the creative process. First, we need to know what we want, need, or desire. Then, we can begin the effort to manifest what is absent from our lives, and to discover if we are enhanced by what we manifest, or if we were mistaken in the allure a desire. Either way, we open our eyes wider, and begin to read the world around us in a new way. And, if you work as a healer or therapist, this exploration can open you up to new resources to support your clients.

Candle magic is another added resource, with the dedication of the clandle flame to encouraging the universe to pay attention to your request. This is why a birthday cake has candles: to take the birthday wish and launch it out into the world, supporting a happy outcome for the wisher.

The Magical Mind that we explore in the upcoming Magical Mind online class is not the naive and inexperienced mind of a young person, wishing for toys or for an ideal family, but rather the practical focus of the spiritual adult as he or she works towards specific goals, or outcomes, for their lives.

In contrast, the Moral Mind we all possess is a way in which we can easily restrict or delude ourselves, in order to stay safe from the criticism or envy attacks from others. Moving beyond the grip of the ordinary day-to-day Moral Mind, and activating your Magical Mind, can be done through specific effort, such as keeping a journal and analyzing your expressions and memories, through the creation of personal Sigils that shift your life in a positive direction, and even the simple but powerful ally of candle magic can tip the balance: from passive observer of your life, to an active creator of it.

In sessions Two and Three of the 2019 Magical Mind online class we will explore:

  • The power of writing or the transcription of our narrative, that invites the non-conscious authentic self to the surface of your awareness
  • The construction of a basic sigil for personal use
  • The audio sigil
  • The wearable sigil
  • Candle magic support of sigil activation
  • Collective sigils for an enhanced effect
  • Application of sigils to therapeutic healing work / talismans
  • Tattoos and body art as sigils … and more.

I hope you can join us on October 6, 2019 at 5 PM Pacific US Time / 8 PM Eastern US Time, for The Activation and Use of the Magical Mind Online Class.

This is the third online class is a series that explores practical tools for Banishing and Evoking, essential skills for spiritual adults, healers, and therapists. The first class was The Psychic Attack: Strategies & Defenses, and the second one was the Hereditary Family Karma online class.

Please email me through this website, for registration information, or follow the links to the online class above.

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Dean Ramsden practices and teaches Relational Energy Therapy, which combines chakra and chakra cord energy healing with astral (emotional body) work.