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Dean Ramsden is the creator of the field of Relational Energy Therapy, a synergistic approach combining energy healing, chakra development, chakra relational cords, and Astral energy healing. Dean works over Zoom and Skype, offering energy healing, private tutoring, and public online teaching programs. Dean teaches a unique developmental and evolutionary approach to energy healing /psychology, spiritual healing, and to improving our personal relationships. Soul growth – and our human relationships – can be enhanced and healed through the clearing of psychic energy connections to others. The ultimate aim of Relational Energy healing work is to support your soul growth on the journey towards the awakening into your full potential.

Dean was born in England, in 1956. He began his working life as a research assistant scientist for the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority. In 1984, he emigrated to the United States of America. This was the beginning of a long journey that would include studies in Asian Martial Arts, Hakomi mind/body therapy, Body-Centered psychotherapies, Hypnotherapy, and Qi Gong Therapist training.

Dean began initially began his work as an energy healer using Qi Gong, in 1987, in upstate New York, and was heavily influenced by the late Dr T.K. Shih, and Rev. Rosalyn L. Bruyere. He graduated from a four-year healer training course (1988-1992) at The Barbara Brennan School of Healing, and then became employed as the BBSH PS2 Class Dean (1993-2003), developing curriculum and teaching classes, as well as later serving terms as Vice President of BBI, and Head of Teacher Training. In 1997 he graduated from a three-year professional program in psychological studies at The Center for Intentional Living, in New York State. He resigned from Barbara Brennan Inc. in 2003, so as to be able to develop and teach his own style of therapeutic energy healing work.

He has taught Relational Energy Healing courses for The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York, The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, and an undergraduate course at Kyushu University, Japan.

Audio/Video Tutorials are offered over Zoom, ideal for all students of energy healing no matter where they reside. Healers and other individuals throughout the world interested in furthering their personal growth, in healing themselves or their relationships, or who are looking to gain new energy healing skills, can email Dean and request a long-distance session.

Dean is currently residing in Pattaya, Thailand, with his partner, Yui Wang.


Along with being a full-time energy healer, Dean is an enthusiastic amateur nature photographer. Photographs used on this website are all Dean’s work, as he believes nature best represents the structure of the auric energy field, and helps connects us to the universal energies. Go here to read about Dean’s photography.

You can hear Dean speaking here, and soon there will by YouTube presentations on various topics.

Information about his work, written in Japanese, can also be found on Dean’s Japanese language web site.

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My personal and professional journey in helping others

“My own experience with energy healing and psychic development began quite spontaneously at the age of 32 years old. I was intuitively drawn to running energy through a client, an unexpected byproduct of my meditation and Chinese martial arts practices. Curious at the changes people reported from these spontaneous healings I sought teaching and guidance from well-respected healers such as Rev. Rosalyn L. Bruyere in California, and Stylianos Atteshlis (“Daskalos”) in Cyprus. To gain my energy healing credentials as a professional energy healer I chose to study a blend of Core Energetics and energy healing as taught at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH), and graduated from their four-year training program in 1992, the same year I completed my Qi Gong therapist certification with Dr T.K. Shih, in Kingston, New York.

Once I began to teach energy healing and administrate other healers in 1994 at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing I was struck by the transformative power of energy work in shifting relationship and personal issues out of repetitive cycles while creating new choices. Consciousness is energy, energy is consciousness; change one and you affect the other. But, in addition to teaching various hands-on energy healing techniques I discovered that it was the therapeutic aspects of the work that were additionally important to a client’s long-term growth. Coaching an individual towards the conscious embrace of their true potential was a powerful skill to learn. Awakening to their true nature I witnessed clients making radical leaps and shifts in their lives, leading them ever closer to their soul’s longing. And, while receiving a healing technique is a potent experience when combined with a therapeutic experience of themselves beyond of their everyday persona – their authentic and spiritually- based nature – a client could integrate the healing at a more conscious level.

Deepening my energy healing research into the psychology of relational therapy led me to work increasingly with chakra balancing, relationship cords, and past life healing. Each of these specialized fields cleared the space for the ending of past life trauma and similar chronic patterns, opening the client’s evolution upward towards a high state of being. The expected benefits of psychic development – opening the third eye, precognition, clairvoyance, contact with spirit guides- were possible for many, but I found that without healing the relational wounds of our past, these gifts would simply deepen old patterning. Becoming more psychic while retaining old wounds just led to more creative ways to wound the self, and others.

After a successful ten year career at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH) as the PS2 Class Dean, and through subsequent years of study and private practice of energy healing psychology, I have developed a specialty healing system I term Relational Energy Therapy. With the awareness of how the auric field and chakra energy healing guide us through various human developmental stages I use methods designed to enhance the emerging evolution of an individual who is ready for change. For those open to deeper levels of transformational work I have included modified Esoteric Magical applications, drawing from both Western and Asian shamanic influences. After their treatment clients are claiming new choices in their relationships, and in their lives. This leads into radical shifts in perspective and in functioning in the real world.

A unique aspect of Relational Energy Therapy  is the practical work of clearing and supporting various chakra cords while coaching the client through the life stage they are currently navigating. These non-visible connective strands link or interface us with the chakra systems of other important individuals in our lives. Clearing away invasive chakra cords from expired or unwanted relationships that tap into your auric field can be of tremendous value for a client, as the chakras appear to have a limited bandwidth; clear out the weeds and you have more room to grow flowers in your life. With the energy drain of the past reduced or eliminated more energy can be funneled into present-day goals or creations. I have also developed a system of working with chakra self connections, the self-referencing cords that bloom out of our existing relationships. These have been named “self cords”: they are the energetic structure in which we build an inner connection to self, and literally grow our sense of identity.

If the energy healer or therapist practitioner is well-trained and spiritually ready, they can guide a client through many dark or challenging places in their lives, helping to access important inner resources. But if the energy healing is not specialized in what you need, or a healer is untrained, a client will often be unresponsive to treatment. Please know that when performed correctly with a responsive client energy healing is not subtle work; it brings definite and often powerful results over time. Choose your energy healer wisely, and expect change to occur. If nothing really shifts for you I recommend moving on to another healer, choosing to give yourself the support you deserve rather than giving up on yourself. Find the support to help evolve your life to the next level, to experience improved relationships, and learn to let go of all that holds you back in this lifetime.”.

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