A gentle self-healing using Rosalyn’s brain balancing technique may bring some relief for those experiencing concussion, or other blows to the head. While you can apply this clinical skill as a self-healing, ideally another person with energy healing training or natural talent can do it for you, or for the person who has experienced a head injury.

Concussion recovery work that I do in my private practice is based on Rev Rosalyn L. Bruyere’s “brain balancing” skill. With this, the healer ping-pongs a cooling frequency “ball” of energy, first from temple to temple, and then switch to forehead to bindu chakra (the upper back of your head) and gently forward towards your forehead. That last movement – back of head towards your forehead should have about 25% of the “push” of the other directions. Then, rest, and repeat daily.

Practice this skill not as a forcing current, but rather relax and “feel” into it, and get some additional tone into it, such as your favorite color, or sensation … just to make the ping-pong effect a sensate experience, rather than as a pure act of intention.

An additional tip for doing this as a self healing skill is to do it with your eyes closed, and to use your forefinger to “guide” the “ball” of energy first to one side, and then the other. Alternately, use your closed eyes / eyeballs to “direct” the flow. I prefer the first one, myself, but try out both and choose your favorite.

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