Dean Ramsden is pleased to announce a series of online classes that focus on personal healing and the spiritual development of the Astral Body.

The Astral Body combines our emotional and cognitive identity, and connects across our past lives, as well as being influenced by direct ancestors, and by lower, middle, and high-level spirit beings. Essential to this work is astral chakra functioning, and relational cord clearing work. Participants in these classes will apply the material to their own lives, and clear or evolve their Astral Body: to enhance themselves, as well as positively influence any work they do in service of others. Go to this article to read more.

Each online class series will run for eight hourly classes, and will combine pre-recorded and live lecture material from Dean, along with 2-3 questions from students that clarify the practical application of the material. We will use Zoom, the teleconferencing service (see below). This ensures better internet reception than including a live video presentation.

There will be two classes a week, one based on US Pacific Time, and the second on Central European Time. There is an option to purchase the mp3 recording of each class should you miss it, but the live class is recommended so you can be energetically involved in the class material. Go here to view a detailed outline of Class 1.

Each weekly class will cover the same topic but due to the broad sweep of material the classes will not be wholy identical. Classes are, of course, impacted by the consciousness of the students who attend. Because of that Dean recommends you choose the live class schedule most convenient to you, and only purchase the class recording as a last resort. 

Central European Time: 10 AM on Saturdays 

Euro Series 1: Jan 26 2019, Feb 2 2019, Feb 9 2019, Feb 16 2019, Feb 23 2019, Mar 2 2019, Mar 9 2019, Mar 16 2019.

USA:  7 PM  Pacific Time on Mondays

Americas Series 1: Jan 28 2019, Feb 4 2019, Feb 11 2019, Feb 18 2019, Feb 25 2019, Mar 4 2019, Mar 11 2019, Mar 18 2019.

To ensure a good internet experience, students will attend without their video and audio on, with only Dean on video and audio. Students can send their questions and comments to Dean via email, either between classes or during the class. The final 10 minutes of each class will be Q&A time.

Students are encouraged to keep a private journal of their class experiences, as well as create some time for themselves, each week, to practice the astral body material and to invite a change into their consciousness energy system.

Cost: 270 USD for 8 one-hour classes

To apply: email Dean and follow this registration process:

  1. Send Dean an email that you wish to apply for the class, a short summary of your interests in taking part, and two recent photographs of yourself.
  2. After you have been accepted Dean will send you a PayPal billing for tuition, or you can transfer funds from your bank or Western Union.
  3. Zoom will send you an email where you can register once for your classes, and you are then sent a unique link to attend each online class.
  4. You will also get online class email mailings with supportive materials that are optional studies, designed to deepen your knowledge of the Astral Body and the class lectures.
  5. If you wish to join in a class but the time zone it is in does not work well for you, you can still participate by paying the class fee plus the cost of the digital recordings of each class. You can send in your questions or comments, via email, and they will be included in the class material

Please note that this is an intermediate-advanced class, and may not be suitable to those students brand new to energy healing work.

Please read and agree to my Terms of Service, found here on my Sessions page, before signing up for an online class, including my refund policy.

© 2019 by Dean Ramsden. All rights reserved.

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Dean Ramsden practices and teaches Relational Energy Therapy, which combines chakra and chakra cord energy healing with astral (emotional body) work.