Having a working knowledge of Universal Laws is essential to energy healers and therapists who guide clients through family-of-origin issues, personal history resolution, and applies even to chakra healing and chakra cord work. This is because the consciousness of both past and present day relationship, held within traumatic or other impactful events, will be governed by Universal Laws, and not by so-called “Natural Law”, our political and social adjudication systems.

As a therapeutic helper for another, Universal Law impacts my clients in their struggles to clear away family history not of their making. And, since you and I cannot physically represent the client in the court of Universal Law, how can we help them bring closure to family karma, or to their own past karmic debt?

In this 90-minute class we will cover the impact of the Universal Law on Hereditary Karma. Hereditary Karma is the energetic consciousness of your family heritage. It is the patterns and unresolved conflicts of our family’s past. Our physical DNA acts as the access point for the energetic consciousness in our ancestors as well as our current living family. Hereditary Karmic patterns can stretch back in time up to seven generations, although major karmic energies will be diluted with the inevitable addition of brand new DNA flowing into the family line.

This online class will be taught at 5 PM Pacific US Time / 8 PM Eastern US Time, on Sunday August 18, 2019. Cost is 63 USD (without mp3 recording) or 78 USD (includes mp3 recording for later study). This is a summer promotional rate, a 50% discount on my usual single class fees.

Students who cannot attend the class in person can order the option that includes the recording, and the mp3 will then be sent to them two hours after the class ends.

If enough students request it I will also offer an additional Livestream Class at 5 PM Pacific US Time on Sunday August 25, 2019, where I will take student questions and offer live feedback on your professional and personal issues.

To apply, please email Dean directly through this website, or on Facebook messaging. The class will be taught on Zoom, and you will be sent an access link to the class after your tuition has been paid, as well as be placed on the Family Karma class newsletter.

I hope you can join me in August!

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Dean Ramsden practices and teaches Relational Energy Therapy, which combines chakra and chakra cord energy healing with astral (emotional body) work.