Practical Skills Teaching Modules

I hope you can join me in July 2018, here in Thailand, for one of my teaching seminars. Go here to find out more information about these teaching modules.

Relational Energy Therapy Teaching Modules are stand-alone teaching segments, and can be taken in any order. The small group size will allow me to tailor the student’s learning experience to the module’s material. The modules are structured so that you have the option to maximize your trip to Thailand by taking two modules.

  • Module One: Chakra and Chakra Cord Healing in Chakra One and Chakra Two * July 21 – 24, 2018, in Pattaya, Thailand (in association with Yui Wang’s seminars). Note that Japanese translation is available with four or more Japanese students only. There will be an additional cost for the translation service. Please email Dean for more information.
  • Module Three: Chakra and Chakra Cord Healing in Chakra Three and Chakra Four * July 26 -29, 2018, in Pattaya, Thailand.

To get to the Pattaya seminars, you would fly into BKK airport, in Bangkok, Thailand, and take a limo to Pattaya City. This can be pre-booked, or a car can be taken directly from the airport.

For more details, please email Dean directly.

Online Classes

This year I will begin a series of online classes, arranged around specific themes that affect personal and spiritual development, as well as energy therapeutic healing themes. These are educational and supportive classes, as the hands-on practical skills can only be taught in the Thailand modules. I will be posting the class outlines, and schedule for 2018, by the end of January.

Online classes can be attended live over Skype, or can be downloaded afterwards if the timing of the class is challenging for you.

More details will be posted here soon!


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Dean Ramsden practices and teaches Relational Energy Therapy, which combines chakra and chakra cord energy healing with astral (emotional body) work.