I began my career as an Astral Energy Healer at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, at the end of the last century. Barbara Brennan created a system of therapeutic energy work based on Pathwork Guide principles and concepts, where the emotional and past events of a person’s life could be brought more in alignment with their core essence, or essential nature prior to the impact of the human journey. By utilizing the Core Energetic approach to emotional character styles and distortions due to early emotional experiences, Barbara Brennan re-tooled basic Reiki energy work, and essential healing skills taught by her own teacher Rev. Rosalyn L. Bruyere,  into a therapeutic approach which allowed the client to overcome emotional challenges in their lives, and to regain the lost experience of their essential nature. It was a powerful vision to advance energy healing work in the late Twentieth Century, and one which I was proud to support in the teaching application of it, as the second year BBSH program class Dean.

Barbara Brennan students emerged from the in-depth introduction to Barbara’s method in the first year of their four-year training, into the second year of Astral energy work, and also the introduction of personal psychotherapy process into their studies. As the year two class Dean, my teaching team and I guided each group of students through required territory, including (but not limited to) the introduction of the non-conscious creative process of the human emotional body, and the impact of the Core Energetic character structure model within the astral healing technical skills. Essentially, each student was immersed into their personal healing and transformation process, or essential self/wounded places personal identity, and invited to move through the class year as on a metaphorical Hero or Heroine’s journey: to allow the experience of astral healing to actually change them, from within, by engaging the practical stages of spiritual growth. While each Barbara Brennan student went through this process only once, my teaching team and I went through it each and every teaching year, in my case from 1992 – 2003.

As you can imagine, working this powerful astral healing journey over a decade rather than only once, tremendously alters and refines your experience of Astral Energy Healing. Relational Energy Healing – my own modality – owes much to the journey that I myself went through at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, and was also impacted by working directly with Barbara Brennan herself, alongside my other talented colleagues such as Patricia White Buffalo. Barbara Brennan’s third book, “Core Light Healing”, which will be published this year, is rumored to address her approach to astral healing in more detail than before. I currently refer to her method as Legacy Astral Healing, as it is based on the Barbara Brennan Pathwork and Core Energetic interpretation of emotional body healing, and is a different stream or approach to the one I now currently use in my healing and teaching practice. Relational Energy Healing does not use character structure distortion, nor Core Energetic charge/discharge methods, in its goal towards the overall transformation and healing of the client. However, in Barbara Brennan School of Healing terms, this approach towards Astral Healing is still in use, and remains a viable option for many healers.

Legacy Astral Healing (the Barbara Brennan approach) was designed to process emotional material in the Astral dimensions of Brennan’s four-dimensional model of the Human Energy Field. I witnessed this multiple times, either in Brennan’s live demonstrations of Astral Healing skills, or whenever we would work together professionally. Brennan’s focus was pointed: to move the client from emotional process and into their core essence (or, essential nature) as effectively as possible. The Astral domain, comprising of non-material spirits and individuated spirit teachers, was to be navigated with caution if the spirit beings were invasive, or welcomed as supportive if the spirit beings were benign or of a high classification (such as a personal spirit guide). The embrace of higher-level spirit guides was further refined in the third year of Barbara Brennan’s school, when spirit guides utilized each healer to become an access point for the guides to work on the client. This kind of healer-spirit guide cooperation was also a key part of the Barbara Brennan method.

The Barbara Brennan personal process style, and the character structure material, remain tremendously relevant for therapeutic energy healers today. Relational Energy Healing can be viewed as branching out from Brennan’s fine work by introducing a broader and more nuanced embrace of the astral world. There is plenty of creative room, however, for both options to be used by a single healer. This website offers multiple articles on the use of Astral Energy Healing from the perspective of relational chakra cord work, rather than promoting the legacy astral healing work that I originally taught at the Brennan school of healing. I am grateful for my time teaching the legacy astral healing system as it provided an impetus to develop my own unique style of therapeutic astral energy healing.

In April 2017 I will be teaching a four-day in-depth seminar on the application of therapeutic astral energy healing, and this may interest both past and current students of the Barbara Brennan method. Both the legacy system as taught by Brennan, and the current state of emotional body healing as taught by myself, can happily co-exist as tools to deepen our effectiveness as healers, and to understand the powerful potential of emotional and spirit body energy healing. Come join me in Amsterdam on April 23-26, 2017, for this unique seminar in advanced astral healing work.

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