Astral Body Online Class Outline

Dean Ramsden will be teaching a series of online classes on the healing and development of the astral body: our individuating astral energy body that combines our emotional and cognitive identity, and connects across our past lives, as well as our being influenced by direct ancestors, and by multi-dimensional spirit beings. While this is a far-reaching definition of the astral body, covering many domains and stages of living, the focus of these classes will be on personal development, and individual evolution. Rather than first learning how to heal and support others, we ourselves will move through the cycles of transformation of which the astral body is capable, and which always requires activation and energizing in order to become available to us.

There are many maps of the energy consciousness system, all of which work well within their own traditions. In these series of classes we will assemble and utilize a therapeutic model of the astral body, the astral functioning of each chakra center of consciousness, and the relational energy cord connections that birth our souls into human form. Each class series will take an aspect of therapeutic energy healing work and apply it to our own life. We will build upon our existing experiences and knowledge of energy healing and transformational work, to both clear and to build a healthy astral energy body. 

These classes ask the students to dedicate some time each week towards clearing or developing their own astral body, and to use each class as a guide forward towards their own life goals. Each class lecture will present a topic, and the student is invited to practice, journal, or otherwise express themselves in applying the class material to their own lives, and life goals.

Here is the outline of Series 1 classes

Class 1: Examining energy healing history so as to put astral healing into a new perspective that is helpful and productive in our lives

Class 2: The First Chakra and its astral function to create boundaries

Class 3: The Second Chakra and its astral function to attach to others, and anchor those experiences back into the self

Class 4: The Third Chakra and its astral function to create a mental and emotional map of the world, and navigate through life effectively

Class 5: The Fourth Chakra as developing and maintaining meaningful and healthy relationships both with others, and internalizing outer relationships as self-care and healthy self-evaluation

Class 6: The Fifth Chakra as a system of expression and relating to others, as well as deeply listening to the outer and inner worlds

Class 7: The Sixth Chakra as that essential psychic function that activates the physical and energetic brain, and uses direct insight into the multiple realities which surround us, or impact us in our lives

Class 8:  The clearing of Ajna Chakra, or the energy gate in the brain stem, as one resource that makes sense of lower astral beings, both for psychic hygiene as well as to differentiate lower from higher spirit guides

Series 2 Classes

Once we have our functional map of the chakra system in place we can move towards exploring our relational connections to others, beginning with the two most important connections of all: the mother and the father. The mother chakra cord and the father chakra cord link into each chakra body, and provide us with direct connection to two family lineage – or ancestral – energies. In a chakra cord class students will be invited to connect to, clear, and invite blessing from their mother’s lineage, or the father’s heritage connection. We can also choose to filter out or deny access to those parts of our ancestral energies that are not in our best interest, such as addictions or obsessional energies.

Series 3 Classes

The series of classes that follows this is the application of chakra cord energies to the astral chakra system will look at how the multi-dimensional spirit worlds interact with us, at a personal level, so we can begin to create resources outside of those we gain from our relationships with human beings. This includes our connections to non-personal spirit allies or to ambivalent spirit beings that offer knowledge but may require payment for their participation in our lives. We will also open up to the impact of the post-Jungian archetypal forces, and the influence of the deep species-wide wiring of the human psyche. 

Series 4 Classes

This series deepens the material explored over the last three series: the clearing and development of our astral energy body. The individuating self is created through our relationships, and by the ending of relationships. But in therapeutic energy healing work we are extending our experience of relationship from humans or animals, and extending it towards our ancestral past, to spirit beings existing along side us in the material world, and to the esoteric wiring of the individuating spiritual adult. We will look to classical esoteric sources, shamanic techniques, and towards Western magickal practices, all which point us towards the discovery of personal choice. We will learn about ourselves through the choices we make, moment by moment, rather than define ourselves through shock and trauma, and the actions of others.

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