Come join professional energy healers Yui Wang and Dean Ramsden for a four day seminar on advanced hands-on clinical skills for energy workers, held in Amsterdam at Centrum de Roos, on April 28-May 1, 2017.

This seminar will be the first in an ongoing series that provides practical feedback and support for energy workers dealing with clients who come to them with various health issues, physical injuries, and surgery-related topics. Those with clients under conventional medical care and searching for complementary healing support can also benefit. Yui and Dean have broad experience of the bridging the divide between Western medical practices and energy healing work. In this seminar you can present your own clients, or learn from other examples presented by attendees.


We will begin the seminar with a review of the basic tools of hands-on healing, as related to working directly with physical issues, injuries, surgeries, and more.

Dean and Yui then will focus on the gaining of additional tools in your energy healer’s toolkit, so you can broaden your work beyond therapeutic or personal process energy work, and into practical support for clients under medical care.


Participants are asked to bring one or more case clients to the seminar, and which can be used to advance the skills of the attendees. All client cases will be kept confidential.

For those who want to work with animal clients, Yui has many practical tips based on her long healing practice.

This seminar is open to both healing student and practicing energy healers and energy therapists. For examples of advanced clinical skills you can follow this link for posts on Dean’s website.

◊ Rev Yui Wang is a graduate and ordained minister of Rosalyn L. Bruyere’s Crucible Program, as well as a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. She has twenty years of teaching experience after graduating BBSH.

◊ Dean has developed various surgical healing protocols, and his bio is located here: About Dean Ramsden

Cost: 500 Euro (50% deposit upon booking, 50% final payment due on March 1, 2017)

Location: Centrum de Roos, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

These seminars will be taught in English language only.

To apply,  please email Dean Ramsden at