Energy healing can be used for two very important tasks facing every conscious human being: personal healing, and psycho-emotional development. Every person experiences health challenges in their lives, to a greater or lesser degree. How we face up to, and deal with, a health challenge often comes to define the quality of our life. Energy healing offers a complementary health care option which, when used as a support for Western medical care, fills in the missing pieces of Western medicine: the involvement of personal development and energy body interactivity, with the healing process. Similarly, psycho-emotional development can be activated by working with the auric energy body, bringing to the surface the latent potential of any individual. While psychotherapy can address social development issues effectively, energy healing nourishes the hidden parts of the client, helping to elevate them to a more conscious usage in the client’s life.

Relational Energy Therapy is a term that I use to describe a combination approach to both of these tasks: physical healing and psycho-emotional development. Each RET session follows a specific pattern that can encourage a synergistic approach: where, in combination, the actions taken are more than the sum of their individual parts. The pattern is:

1) Relational Energy Body Therapy: the client explores both their past and present history with the energy therapist, with a view to looking for where in their energy consciousness system a breakthrough or enhancement of their awareness is seeking entry into their lives. This opportunity to support the client with their emerging breakthrough is termed the “entry point”. The entry point is often a chakra developmental task, or a transition state between one chakra’s development and another chakra. In locating an entry point, the energy therapist can target the supportive energies needed by the client, while also minimizing the challenges to the successful change that is looking to be birthed.

In order to find an entry point, the energy therapist draws upon their knowledge and experience of developmental issues as linked to the chakra system, psycho-emotional health, and physical health implications of illness or trauma in the body.

2) Advanced Energy Healing: the basic skills of energy healing are to clear away psycho-emotional hindrances to healing, to increase energetic circulations in the energy body by clearing away blockages or areas of stagnation, and to assist in the re-tuning of the client’s consciousness such that they make the right decisions for themselves in seeking further treatment, rather than submitting to a fearful passivity. Relational Energy Therapy builds upon these necessary skills by adding:

A) Shamanic extraction techniques: cleaning lower astral energies from the auric body surfaces, as well as extracting any impacted astral material locked within the client’s energy field

B) Chakra Cord clearing work: utilizing etheric and astral skills to clear hidden influences upon the client’s conscious awareness by either ancestral energies (energetic DNA), or those exerted from non-physical dimension sources (such as spirit entities)

C) Supporting the life task of the client by orientating their energy body towards healing from past restrictions, and by enhancing the Reality Testing function of the human consciousness system: raising consciousness to see the truth in things.

These two skills sets – a therapeutic approach to energy healing in combination with specialized energy healing skills – results in an approach to psychic work that embraces both psychology and western mysticism, while also keeping its feet firmly in the world of physical and emotional health.  Relational Energy Healing can either be integrated into an existing energy healing training, as a professional skills upgrade, or it can be studied on its own merits as a standalone system.

On my website, you will find many posts and articles that explore different aspects of the RET system of working with a client. These posts will address specific topics such as etheric structure (e.g. Chakra cords), astral clearing starting with the reduction of the impact of emotional energy taken on from others upon the client’s energy field, and therapeutic methods (e.g. Locating an entry point, developmental stages as held in each chakra, and common issues found in most client’s healing process).

I hope this brief overview of the Relational Energy Therapy system (as a set of professional energy healing skills) helps clarify its structure and its intent: to support and enhance a client moving through any health or emotional challenge by engaging their inbuilt or latent resources.

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